Shadow State

Become a part of a fun and news driven universe based on actual this world’s actual news feed.

In Shadow State, you will act as a member of an ancient secret society, one who uses people's lives in their bloody business.

Build your own House of Cards with famous politicians and celebs, duel players in real-time, and fight for world domination. Collect and upgrade your deck with numerous cards featuring well-known celebs, politicians, and famous people you know and love.

Shadow Ink

The Internet talks through pictures. If you are not a media corp with a pool of photographers and illustrators, or at least a talented artist, you just can't compete. You're doomed to simply sharing other people's artwork. Shadow Ink is a mobile app for social media users that helps you to create share-ready, fun pictures on trending topics. We've drawn celebrities and symbols of our era in order to make a clean and simple interface targeted towards non-artists, all packed inside of a convenient editor app.